Moving on

Here is the link to my blog post. I haven't written for a while because of a neurology exam that I was doing at med school, but that's been over as of Friday. There's been some big changes in my care, and I'm finding it really hard to let go and move on, but I know it's necessary given my state of health and the situation I'm in. It just feels really odd to be moving on after such a long time in my comfort zone, even though I know that it'll be for the better.

I'm frustrated that things never work, but I have to be optimistic that haematology will help me out and bring this to a close. It's been a long journey and I know I'll never be 100% again because of all the diagnoses I've had since this began, but I can't wait to get this sorted out once and for all. I feel like I'm in the right place... Thanks everyone for sharing so much kindness and support xxx

Yay, someone is finally taking charge! Sounds like the medical profession looks after its own in the UK, so I hope things will be looking up for you soon. Thanks for keeping us informed, Steph.

I know, it's amazing! Couldn't believe it, it's just a stroke of luck I guess :) Thank you so much, I hope so too. Hope you're well too :)