Moving forward

Hey everyone. first off i want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heard for the love and support i have gotten here. there are a great group of people here but i feel it is time to move on and i plan on deleting my account in about a month. avm discovered jan 08, gk mar 08, mri showing swelling and no avm feb 09, angio showing no sign of avm feb 10. the past two years have been a roller coaster and i feel i need to move on. i will be seeing my surgeon in about a month (couldnt get in for this break) and will find out what needs to be done from here on out.

the reason i feel i need to delete this profile is i cant be hung up on what happened, i am a freshman in college and a whole new life is starting for me now.

if any of you would like to keep in touch i am on facebook, please add me.

i wish everyone only the best

all the love in my heart


Good for you Jessica! I think it is great that you are going to leave it all behind you and concentrate on the all the good stuff in life! Each person handles things differently and you need to do what is best for Jessica! You’ll have a different perspective on life for sure after going thru so much at such a young age. All the Best to you!!

Good Luck Jessica, I wish you every success in your AVM free life xxxxx