Motus Nova At home stroke rehab

Has anyone used Motus Nova and what were results? Does it really work?

@Shmom I have not tried it- I had a rare cvst stroke ( 5 blood clots in my brain) prior to my avm/Davf which formed about six months later - I was in a coma for about a week and was paralyzed and couldnt talk. I was 43 and treated at Stanford. My physical therapist also at Stanford ended up using a machine that was a tens unit and an ems unit on me so ems part while I was doing the pt and then I bought one which they are not that much to do at home. So not the exact same thing ,
All I wanted to do or could do was sleep for the few months as I had brain damage , I can move now but still have constant pain. I did see two other pts but the Stanford one was the best I had for my stroke issues.
My husband also switched to organic as much as possible and read about coconut oil helping the brain heal - and my brain was not healing until he started to give me coconut oil. He started with 1 tsp a day in my tea or coffee and worked up to 3 tsp in a few months.
My pain neuro also from Stanford says its important to have protein and stay away from sugar but I did crave ice cream which I did get after my pts as a reward,
I did have another stroke during my angio embolism but it was a small one and could talk and move by the next day. I think it was just too soon after my big stroke and my brain was still fragile.
My stroke dr who is the head of stroke was amazed at my recovery as he thought it would take me three years to recover and it took about less then half of that even with the davf and surgery . And I am allergic to the contrast that they use during surgery so I get really sick post surgery,

Thank you. What did the coconut oil do for you?

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Hello @Shmom so again my stroke was due to cvst blood clots so my thalamus was killed but somehow brought back to life and my basal ganglia was damaged and also brought back
so prior to doing the coconut oil I was not really able to move much or speak much I had bad aphasia and bad short term memory issues. Also my clots were not responding to the blood thinners.
I was also on the max dosage of gabapentin which really did not help my pain and this was before the opioid crisis and I could not take pain pills either. I was on some other pill I cant recall the name but it tasted terrible and I think it was for pressure in my head and that was it.

We still dont use any oil other than coconut oil or Extra virgin olive oil I am Italian and have always felt that that corn oil tasted funny and the more I have read this stuff is so processed our bodies can not process it. Then I read when coconut originally came out was the same time margarine and they did a smear campaign against coconut oil .

I also switched to Kerry Gold Butter which is made by cows who only eat grass in Ireland and when I went back to work I was worried when I did blood test that my cholesterol was going to be sky high but it was awesome and the nurse said wow keep doing what you are doing! I did not tell her I was eating mass amounts of fat! :smile: When I get a bad migraine I now eat toast with a ton of butter on it and it helps my migraine go away. I have also read that as we age we need fat and protein esp for our brains to work and that is the reason our cholesterol goes up as we age.

Once I could walk my husband had me get the mail so I had at least one task to do which we have a long driveway so it was good PT in the beginning for me. I also would not let him do the laundry even when I could not walk so I would have him take me to the laundry room to do it, otherwise he would ruin our clothes. Once before my stroke when he was working out of state he was by himself even though I told him he was out of detergent he washed the clothes with bleach…
Then once I really started to get better he let me drive by myself and I found I could not really navigate the back roads otherwise I would get lost but thankfully we have gps in the car and I would just go to our drug store to pick up my scripts.

Coconut oil is known for a detox, anti fungal and antibacterial , There is a good book on amazon called Coconut Cures
I even give 1/4 tsp to my cat kokothemiraclecat who was born with half a brain and gets seizures to help him detox from him seizure meds.
Its also great to fry chicken .


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