Motrin or not

I was under the impression that I was only to take Tylenol but this time my neurosurgeon said that I should try Motrin. I know this has been discussed before but the posts seem old. I have faith in my neurosurgeon and he’s trying to not put me on alot of medication . Any thoughts?

I would guess it is for its anti inflammatory properties, this risk being is that it could inhibit clotting. Tylenol is processed in the liver and ibuprofin in the stomach. The big thing is the clotting factor I think, your doc would know about that. I would be inclined to follow his direction but would not be adverse the the “hey doc, what about” phone call! Take Care, John

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my neuro told me Tylenol instead of advil or motrin as those anti inflammatory meds have blood thinning properties; worth asking your neuro that question.

My Doctor is strictly Tylenol, only! I’m suppose to take only 1 tablet at a time for headaches (every 4 hours). However, there are times I need 2 and I take 2. He says Advil, Aleve, etc., may thin my blood too much thereby making a future bleed dangerous.

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Thank you all for your responses my neurosurgeon seems like a good one but I’m just not sure about this. I have a bad feeling about this one. I think I’ll just stick to the Tylenol and deal with the pain. Thanks again.

I have an unruptured AVM w/ no aneurysm and a herniated cervical disc. The disc becomes inflamed and painful occasionally and two neurosurgeons and an IR doc have told me that it’s okay to take Aleve which is the only thing that helps. The IR said if I have a bleed the pressure will be the problem and the thinning would be negligible. I only take it once or twice a month though if I really need it. Motrin might be better though for short term pain since I think you can get small doses that last 4-6 h and Aleve lasts 12h.

I should add that they also told me that coffee is fine, so I seem to be getting different advice from most people I read about in this group. Still I cut down to half caff to be careful.

My AVM I’d in my left occipital lobe and is 4cm i experience severe headaches and vision problems i use cbd for pain it works rather well and doesn’t cause stomach problems i know they’re is stigma to things like this but if you do some research you might decide it is worth trying. Good luck

Just wanted to add a couple of things. I’ve been told Tylenol only too, so even though I’ve found Alleve and ibuprofen much better in the past, I don’t take them ever.

First, according to my ob/gyn, who was on the pain board at the hospital, you should take the higher dose first even if you aren’t sure you’ll need it. Before I’d always try one pill, and if it didn’t work, take another. He told me pain control is much better if you can knock it down up front and then you will need much less overall.

The other is that you can alternate tylenol and ibuprofen (if you’re allowed to take it). They use different mechanisms so they can overlap. I learned this from the pediatrician. Just be mindful of the total doses.

Many years ago my mom’s boss ended up on daily dialysis due to kidney damage from daily ibuprofen for arthritis. And she was a doctor! I’ve been very leery of ibuprofen since then, even though I’ve always found it more effective, especially for the monthly pain which was my big use, back when that was an issue for me.