Motion Sickness

Hi everyone, I'm new to this so please forgive me. I had a craniotomy to remove 2 brain avm's in January of this year. After surgery and even now I have notice I get motion sickness regardless if I am the passenger, driver or riding the train. I wear pressure point wrist bands which help a little but did know has anyone else experienced this and what have you done to feel better?


yes I can say I had the same experiences while being a passenger in car for a while after the operation made me feel quiet sick so used to put the window down just to get fresh air.

I have found that over time though I don't experience this feeling any more it just seems to have gone all my its self it did take about 3-4 months though before I stopped having the motion sickness.

not sure what causes it though?

hope this helps xx

Hi again Lisa, and good for you in reaching out here and posting this discussion.

Hi...yes the motion sickness which you are referring or giddiness and feeling like fainting whenever you are in a moving vehicle is a very common feeling immediately after the surgery. Mainly because the brain is still physically very weak. I too had this problem for about 2 years after surgery & then the severity gradually reduced as years passed by.

With regards to remedy, I am afraid I dont have a solution. Maybe relaxation exercises, breathing exercises can reduce the stress to some extent.

Bangalore, India.

Thank you to those whom have answered. It makes me feel a little better that I am not alone which is a constant feeling.

After my surgery i puked every time i drove somewhere. i just try to focus on something while driving or looking outside.

My son has constant motion sickness and has for some years as a consequence of radiation, pre both his ruptures.
What we have found effective is treating it as motion sickness. Ginger, Kwells (or other over the counter motion sickness tablets) and Scopoderm patches.