Mortage Insurance questionnaire

Hi, in completing mortgage insurance for myself and my wife the bank is asking:
"Within the past 24 months have you been diagnosed with or had any known indication of, or taken medication, or had an abnormal test result, received treatment, c… for:

  • Medical problems related to your heart or circulatory system, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, …"
    Is an unruptured AVM basis to answer YES to the above question? Appreciate the insight…

Hey jquiceno,
Insurance companies are notorious for using any ‘out’ they can to void policies. I would recommend you take the paperwork to your Dr for professional advice as it could be argued that it’s not high BP nor high cholesterol, but both ‘could’ have an impact. Also in your question you state “high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, …” but what comes after the … The question/statement needs to be viewed completely because you can be assured the insurer will be covering themselves before they cover you.

I say this because I’ve had some ‘Fun and Games’ with insurers previously where they stated they wouldn’t cover me for anything related to my head BUT even if I broke my leg they could argue that I stumbled due to my head and therefore void the cover. I questioned this saying ‘What if it had nothing to do with my head?’ and their response was (and I quote) “We have a team of lawyers who will fight any claim through the courts”.

Cover yourself, get professional medical AND legal advice. From experience I would NOT be trusting an insurer. Often they will be more than willing to take your money but when it comes time to make a claim they use every excuse/reason not to pay or void your cover completely.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team