Morning headaches and bleeding

As the title suggests, wondering if anyone suffers the morning headaches and bleeding.
Mines is a facial AVM and from time to time I suffer this I wouldn’t say everyday but it’s becoming more regular.

Sometimes I pass it off as just normal headaches but deep down I know this isn’t the case.

I also wonder if some also suffer funny turns first thing. I have had quite a few and it is as if my arm, eye and hand goes numb. This only lasts say 5-10 mins followed by what I can only explain as dizziness, I know this isn’t normal but I pass it off and do dismiss this once it passes.

I have also tried to dismiss this as possibly panic attacks or anxiety, but again I know for sure it isn’t that either, especially when I first rise.

What I actually have come to the conclusion that it is, is a shortage of blood supply, low blood pressure to my head area and so the dizziness and a lighthead feeling. Who knows but wonder if anyone suffers this from time to time. It’s only on the morning first thing.

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I was about to create a similar topic. I have a small occipital AVM and I believe I do. Some days when I get up from bed, particularly lately seeing as I have been VERY stressed out and I haven’t been able to follow my beloved regular 8-hour sleeping schedule, I get up, then feel a piercing headache around the region of the AVM and need to sit for a minute or two (or five) before it goes away.

As for the lightheaded feeling … Well. Sometimes I have a “good” lightheaded feeling at random though I wonder if it happens when the dammed blood manages to be drained or anything like that. Mine is on one side of the occipital lobe and when it happens I feel like I restore my balance a bit, but it’s random, and not bad. I have had chronic anxiety ‘forever’ too so no idea …

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That ain’t good, but I suppose we have no option other than to deal with it for now.

Maybe you should try seeing someone to confirm.

Wish you well :+1:

Yeah I don’t even have a neurologist at the moment. :frowning: You too !!

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