More waiting

Well, I really wanted some answers today, but unfortunately I will have to wait until my CT angiogram on April 23rd and then a meeting with a couple of surgeons and my neurologist. It seemed like every question I had, like “what do I do if it bleeds and my neurosurgeon isn’t available or I am traveling?” had a response like “yes that would be bad”. I know it’s ridiculous to search for reassurance where not much can be given, but it still felt really awful. We discussed treating, or not, and how my AVM has likely grown and changed a lot over my life. We took a peek at my MRI and my AVM is actually a bit larger than what was written on the report. It sure looks alarming. My doctor said that surgery would definitely result in paralysis, but that I could potentially recover with rehab.

I’ve recently gotten engaged and would love to think about a long life with my partner. I also want a long career as a doctor. I suppose for now, just being positive is my only option.


You will be in my prayers. I hope you get answers to your questions soon. Trying to be positive is the best thing even though it can be difficult at times.