More Mri's...still no appointments

Hello everyone…Ashley’s mom here. Ashley had her 3rd MRI done today and the mask made for her cyber-knife treatment…now the dr’s have to read the scan and develop a treatment strategy, which they say can take up to a week. So more waiting…that seems like all we have been doing since the er visit Jan.26th. But we are very hopeful and optimistic as this was found totally by chance. Ashley has never had any syptoms(other than 2 migraines w/vomiting around 14 -15 yrs old) so we are looking at her fall on the ice as a blessing in disguise and hoping that since she has had no symptoms whatsoever that she will have minimal side effects. It has been a terrifying journey with little to no answers from md’s and hard to keep a positive outlook. I try to stay strong for Ashley and I know she does the same for me…she says I don’t understand what she is going through…and really, I don’t, but she also doesn’t understand what I am going through…she is my baby girl, no matter how old she is, and I cannot contemplate life without her! So it is great to hear all of your stories of survival and also your frustrations as we too are tired of everyone saying"she’ll be just fine"…we definately hope so but for some reason it just feels like they are minimizing what we are facing…and I know they do not mean too, they just don’t know what else to say. Oh well…glad I can vent.
Blessings to all of you!

Hi, Denise. Being the parent or spouse of an AVM patient is very traumatic and a lot of people don’t understand the stress you’re going through. My husband has gotten so nervous that he now has panic attacks. Be there for Ashley, but also take time for yourself…do things that help you to relax. Ask your daughter what she needs from you and be ready to be a sounding board. She’s going to be pissed about al of this sometimes and maybe lash out. Don’t take it personally! Also, try to give her some space even though you are probably a nervous wreck.

Another mom of a college girl, Connie

Thanks Connie…I really appreciate the advice…just hard for us moms to ever truly shut down and relax!! Best wishes to you!