More docters and Surgury

All I do Is Pray and have faith I have to it has gotten me through many things I just still need time to Write my story anyway

Hi Everyone,
I have an AVM on the right side of my brain a little larger than a baseball, becuase of how big it is it has caused my left side of my body to become very very week. I can't use my left hand very well sometimes not at all as well as my leg but I can still walk but I fall all the time, I were a leg brace, it sometimes helps. It was never in my face but I had a stroke recently that now caused my face to sometimes droop down. I have to go see a special team of docter's to look at my entire body to do a surgury that there not even sure they can perform. It was explained to me this they were going to inject a lava type substance on some of the viens and arteries to try a kill some of it to hopefully causeing more blood flow to the left side but they do not know what the out come will be. SCARY!!!! Then I have another nuerosurgeon who I have an appiontment with next month I have seen him before back when I was 16 when I first found out I had an AVM. I had Gamma-knife surgery. It did nothing I am curiose to see what else they have to offer me and if they can even help me all becuase gamma-knife did nothing but cause me pain for life in my head. Right now It is getting harder to eat I always feel so ill. I never felt this sick or week before. All I care about is getting better for me ,my Fiance',my family and friends and hopefully make new ones on this wonderful site 8) WoW that was alot. Feel free to talk or ask questions PEACE<3 Margaret 8)

You will meet some wonderful people on this site. And keep up the positive attitude. My situation was as serious as it gets (according to my neurosurgeon) and I got through it just fine. Now I’m improving every day and my life is starting to get back to normal. I appreciate every day as a blessing that I am lucky to have, and I make sure I tell my loved ones often how I feel. My poor son gets a text message every other day saying “mommy loves you”. I’m sure he’s getting tired of it (he is 23), but I will never get tired of telling him (he’s in Arizona, too - in the Air Force). Take care and lean on the members on this site when you need strength. Best wishes to you!

Thank you so much Kat just hearing that makes me feel better, I will take it slow and keep everyone updated. I am just so very scared even though I know I am going to go through anything they think is best for me but not knowing what they are going to do yet is killing me inside for years I keep in everything to my family when I have a headache or feel ill becuase I never wanted it to rule my life or scare anyone that something seriose is wrong. I have been to the ER so many times becuase of horrible sezuires that won’t stop that at one point they had to stop giving me MRI’s they were afriad I was getting exposed to too much radiation. I just pray I can get through what ever they do to me the appointment is on October 13 to talk about our options now.