More confusion

I was all set to get surgery on May 20. I had been told I have a lymphatic malformation, possibly part venous.

Then my husband found a website that showed a case study done in 2002 by Dr. Berenstein and Dr. Mark Persky in NYC. It was of mandibular malformations (like my own). Went to see Dr. Persky and he told me I have a straight up venous malformation. He suggested sclerotherapy. Went to see Dr. Berenstein and a Dr. Rafael Ortiz (who trained under Berenstein and went to Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC). Berenstein suggested sclerotherapy with bleomycin and Ortiz suggested foam sclerotherapy followed by next day surgery. Can't find two doctors to agree upon diagnosis, let alone treatment. HELP!

Hi Lori! So sorry the process has been so complicated. It really doesn't help to instill confidence when the professionals can't give you any clear answers :(
Hope you can get some direction that feels comfortable. L.