More Bad news`

Hello everyone…I hope you all are doing well and enjoying your summer…we are plugging along here…it just seems like when we get a handle on dealing with each situation(ins. headaches, pre-auth, failed embolization, cyber-knife, steroid crazies, hair loss)something else comes up and throws us for a loop. Our latest loop…It is looking as if Ashley has developed diabetes since her CK treatment…has anyone else had this??? I mean…she had absolutely NO symptoms prior to CK and now suddenly her glucose levels are off the charts…269 fasting…suppossed to be 70-100…so we meet with her GP on Friday to discuss implications/treatments and her CK dr. wants to run her own labs…I just don’t know how much more my little girl can take…it fair to breaks my heart that I have to keep asking(begging) her to stay positive and that even though life sucks for her right now it is still is life worth living…Would that I could trade places with her…I know she doesn’t think I know what she is going through…and technically I don’t, but like I said my heart breaks a little more for her every day. Just like all of you…no one should have to go through this…and I am so thankful for all of you…for listening to my ranting…for offering support and well wishes…and for keeping in touch when I don’t have the energy to reciporcate…I pray for you all daily and wish you all of the best…thanks for listening…denise

Oh dear, poor Ashley! I don’t think the AVM has anything to do with the diabetes…just horrible coincidence. Ashley sounds like a strong young woman and she will learn to deal with this, but she’s going to be pretty mad at fate for a while!

Sorry to hear that Ashley is not doing so good.There is a Cyberknife patient support site where you can talk to Cyberknife Doctors.You can ask them all questions about radiation.Maybe they can answer your questions.