Monday's Surgery

After scheduling and rescheduling, I finally had my embolization this past Wednesday and all went well. Monday I am scheduled for a craniotomy to remove a vein from my carotid artery that was not reachable via embolization. Nerves are starting to kick in. I would appreciate any advice and encouragement.

Beth it’s not easy I won’t lie BUT if it has to be done it has to be done…I stayed positive throughout my lead up to surgery and had my loved ones with me…stay positive, be faithful, stay calm, let God take you on this journey knowing the ppl performing the operation are professionals who have done this over and over everyday at work…keep us posted and will send prayers your way…God bless!

Wishing you the best, Beth Ann! You will be in my thoughts and prayers on Monday.

You have a tremendous amount of courage, Beth. Place your trust in the professionals, and it’ll be over before you know it. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Get plenty of rest, and give us an update when you can. You can do it! :slight_smile:

Beth, There have been wonderful words of advice and encouragement so far, I listened to a recent radio station and the interview went like this "You either live in fear or Faith" , Know I was not sure what this meant, but now I think that I live in Faith, Because when I had my second Craniotomy I was terrified but had faith that everything was going to be ok, The belief in myself was stronger than the fear. (Sure I did have a 30 second break when fear took over) But that was it , The rest of the time was me saying stop being silly these guys are professionals and do this everyday, You WILL be fine !. I'm sure you also will be fine. Take care and get loads of rest as that is key to recovery from any surgery I think.


I had a craniotomy in July. It wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated and they got it all (AVF). I am worried when i do the following angiogram in a few months that it will have come back.

Good luck with your surgery. I hope they get it all and this is your last surgery!
stay positive and trust you will be in good hands!
If you can let us know how you are doing
We are all pulling for you