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Monday, Monday

5 points to the first person to correctly identify the group who originally performed it…(Hint - the titles are the same)

Moving on…as I’m working (not physically) my way out of my usual “Monday morning, headaches, I have to admit that I did too much on Sunday and church was very good but loud.” So it’s a “feed the soul and hurt the brain for a bit or not?” headaches.

There used to be a radio station I listened to that the morning DJs did a trivia game called, “Fun Facts to Know and Yell.” And listeners would call in and share trivia and the DJs thought it was really a good one, they would win a useless toy and the ability to “YeLL” their fun fact live on the radio.

And then I sat down at my desk.
I had to move my chair over about 3 inches.
And I have to do it multiple times a day.


  • Because I live in an a house that was built before Teddy Roosevelt became president.
  • and before there were cars.
  • and some of the supporting beams in the basement are still as round as they were when they were vertical and still growing.

When we bought the house, the inspector brought a marble along. He set the marble down on the floor and let go very carefully. Little by little, it gained speed and did almost an entire “lap” (think U shaped) between the living room and dining room.

Now imagine having an AVM and brain surgery and the associated balance issues and trying to navigate the house with uneven floors.

And there’s your fun fact - “TJ lives in an old house that makes him stumble like he’s drunk!”

So according to my calculations, I only mentioned AVM once. Then why did I post it?

Because we all need to smile every now and then.

And it would put a smile on my face if this lttle story put a smile on someone else, someone else who marches on with us.

Speaking of marching on, take a listen to this -


P.S. May we all live with the knowledge that the speed at which we walk and the direction we walk (as long as it isn’t illegal) is all about us and the fact that we are walking is a victory in itself.

Richard - I’d love to hear how well I did with the spell check issue. Seriously. I would.


You seem to be more your usual self today :grin:

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Absolutely! And if possible, we should take as much amusement at the crazy things life presents us with, rather than getting down about. You remind me of this…

Hey TJ,
I had a friend whose house was originally built back when Garfield (Not the cat :smile: ) was president. Many modifications had been done to the house over the decades and some by some not so qualified repairers. They laid floating floors over the top of carpet. Even ‘normal’ people felt woozy walking on it, so for me it was like being on a ship in a category 5 storm. It was horrible, nauseating and completely disorientating. In the end I had to say I couldn’t visit them or we’d have to meet at a coffee shop down the road. Thankfully they were understanding (well, seemed to be) of the situation.

I used to be quite a handy person, if something needed a fix I’d do it myself, but due to my balance issues, ‘she who must be obeyed’ (the wife) won’t let me near a ladder without constant supervision. I think these are the adjustments we have to make. Don’t get me wrong here, I ain’t happy about it but it’s just another of those things I have to accept. Shhh, don’t tell her I said this BUT I have had the ladder out when she’s not been home and basically proved to myself that we (she) is correct in being concerned. It ain’t safe. A little bit more independence lost, another thing to add to the list. Grrrrr.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

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