Miss Diva B

I know I am so horrible about this. I am still trying to balance things out. Well Miss Bethany is doing so awesome! She is now 22 months and is sitting up, eating more then before and her biggest milestone is crawling!!! She army crawls everywhere now and is getting into things! I LOVE IT!!!! Her fingers are also moving all ten of them. Even though she can't open her hands fully you can see them moving like she is trying to open them. She does have 4 fingers that do work awesome. I love when she uses her pointer fingers to poke her nose...LOL Her last day of therapy was December 28th. She don't go back till March. Very sad about that! Her therapist gave her the name of Diva B. and she lives up to that name...lol She has caught the flu along with strep and a viral infection that led us to the ER the other day. She just could not breathe. They suctioned her out and now she is much better. She is so amazing! I just love her so much and she gives me strength

Sorry about the flu, but I am so glad she is doing well!

What a cutiepie! Sorry she became sick. If you are on Facebook…you might want to look up Brainbows. I know your daughter had a spinal AVM but she would look adorable in a Brainbow. A little girl and her Mother sell them to raise money for AVM awareness.

Thank you all! Barbara I looked up those bows. They are very cute! She does have a lot of strength! Thank Ninibeth My other two girls help me name her :-)