Miserable headaches!

Hello, my friends! I’m sorry that I haven’t chatted with you all much lately. I’ve been suffering with horrid headaches for almost two weeks. My neuro sent me for another CT scan…no bleed and everything looked normal. As usual, no answer as to why, so no one can help me.


That is so rotten, Connie. Have you tryed any unconventional treatment like massage, acupuncture?? I’m just trying to think of anything that could help… Headaches just shut you down, don’t they. I just can’t do anything when i have one and mine are nothing like you would be experiencing. My only sure cure for a headache is beer, which probably sounds like a terrible solution! but it works for me. I’m sure you probably can’t drink anyways.
I hope you get some relief soon. Take care.

Man how many times i have been there done that lol. Hope they improve soon, I know for me vicodens help. I feel like the ct scans are a waste but ya just never know right! Feel better soon

Thank you, Ladies. Andrea, is Vivodan the same thing as dilaudid? The dilaudid seems to work better than the rest,but it knocks me out. Last week, I went to see my neuro after taking it and had a few dizzy spells walking down to his office. He took my blood pressure…it was only 85/62!