Mirror mirror on the wall

Anyone else spend way too much time looking in the mirror wondering; Who the heck is that stranger? I am about as polar opposit as I can get from who I was before! I frequently toy with the phrase "this IS my New Reality-- some days are indeed Diamonds and some days are Stones! Trying to find more diamonds than stones is a tricky business!! A good friend frequently reminds me, "It is What it is" Didn't mean to be a downer.... just out here stumbling around alone looking for diamonds!


Hi Nicole - Definitely - I still get a little "freaked" (which now is pretty much the new "normal" for me, never before getting easily "freaked-out") when passing a mirror and sometimes have to do a double-take.

BTW - E.T. has nothing on me =)

Thanks Julie, I needed that!!

Yes, ma'am! I am totally different now. When I look at my face, I don't see much different visibly but....my eyes are different. It's like I'm looking at someone who looks exactly like me but is totally different...like a Bizzarr-o World version of Kristi.
That and I'm still not used to wearing my hair down. My pony-tail was my trademark, now all I can do is brush my hair down. We have boys....my husband can't make a decent pony-tail:/