Mind set

Will my whole daily routines change, the school run, cooking, ya no the norm???


Sarah, I got back in to a routine after gamma knife really quickly. I needed to take it a little easier for a few days but was surprised how fast my “normal” returned. The bleed was certainly a different path! Take Care, John

It depends, did the AVM break and bleed? If not, I have no idea. But I can say, mine bled and yes, my whole everything is different. I lost my job, I can’t drive, I have no core strength thus no balance thus for a long time I was in a wheelchair, I only just started to walk with a walker, I have disarthria (meaning I talk bad), I’m right handed but the stroke affected my right side, oh lots of stuff. Wow, when I say it out it sounds really bad. But a lot of people are worse off, heck I could be dead, so it’s not so bad. It’s just learning to live in a totally different way.