Midwest/Great Lakes Doctors

In 2012 I was diagnosed with a type I DAVF. My neurologist in northwest Pennsylvania recommended non-treatment, which I agreed with. Yesterday, I had a follow-up angiogram because of new occasional pulsating pain, and although it's still a type I, the feeding arteries have doubled in size. My neurologist now recommended getting it treated in either Boston or New York, which are 8-hour drives or one-stop flights from my city. I haven't gotten the names of the doctors he recommends in those cities.

I'm wondering if there are any reputable doctors in the Ohio, western PA or western NY area for treating DAVFs or AVMs.


You are not that far from Pittsburgh…http://www.avmsurvivors.org/main/search/search?q=Pittsburgh
The doctor who he will probably recommend in Boston is Dr. Olgivy at MGH. As Patti mentioned Dr. Rosenwasser in Philly is popular! You want someone who is very familiar with AVMs. Please keep us posted!

I live in Cincinnati Ohio, and my case was reviewed by one of the top Neurosurgeons around here. He has a very good reputation. His name is Dr. Mario Zuccarello http://www.mayfieldclinic.com/MC_bios/bio_Zuccarello.htm
Unfortunately, he couldnt do anything for me, but a Doctor family friend of ours insists that he is the best neurosurgeon in Ohio.

Just to follow up on my situation for those interested, I've scheduled two appointments for late July in Boston with Dr. Ogilvy at Mass General and Dr. In-Sup Choi at the Lahey Clinic. My doctor strongly recommends him, but I don't see his name mentioned on this site.