Mia's foot AVM

Following 2 embolizations in her right foot my daughter Mia is now in more pain than ever. She has a large ulceration on the back of her foot from where she has had several arterial bleeds. Great Ormond Street Hospital now say that they cannot do any more embolizations for fear of doing more damage. Mia cannot wear a shoe on that foot and cannot walk. She is suffering with pain most of the time. The bleeds will continue if this area stays open. We are so anxious and feel we are going up stream without a paddle.
Has anybody else got or had anything similar or know how these ulcerations can be healed?

Hi Jaycee,

No direct experience or advice, sorry.

However, I would encourage you to pursue other options via other doctors if possible to find an answer. Is it possible for her Drs to forward her medical files to other specialists for their opinions?

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

Thank you Ron. I am currently looking to get a 2nd opinion from another Interventional Radiologist in the UK and I have also heard of 2 doctors in the USA who sound good but logistically that would be very difficult for us. Take care. Jaycee