Hello friends, I just wanted to post to say that I have 3 more finals next week, so I have been really busy. I apologize for not responding to posts and emails in the past week, so please don’t think I am a jerk! After I am done with exams my manners will return to normal, so please bear with me!

Thank you to everyone who checked out my blog, and for the nice comments and emails! I feel a bit self conscious about the whole thing, so it was really appreciated! I am adding a post a day right now, but hopefully after finals I can put more time into it! I hope everyone is doing well! Thanks, Marilyn

Its ok Marilyn, I’m in the same boat, but my last one is tonite, I need to go cram right now actually. And when you have time, if you want, I have a blog too, not much AVM stuff on it because I have been too busy since diagnosed to add anything. Its at www.wannabenormal.com its text, video, the works, I am even putting together an avm vid, its just not quite done yet. Take care, LOVE your site, and best wishes on your finals!

I have been enjoying your blog so much, Marilyn! You just crack me up!

Hi Marilyn,
Just wanted to see if you are ok and survived those finals! Miss ya girl, hope you are doing well and the stress has slowed a bit! Miss ya, stay in touch when you can…d

Hi Marilyn, everybody knows ur up to ur eyes in it, hope you get great results!