Messed up life!

Well i was 15 and a half when my AVM was discovered to which i had no symptons prior to it as of like 15 minutes before it I was mowing the lawn at home and then went back in to the house to have a shower to then get out of the shower to start walking back to my bedroom to get ready wthen BAM thats when it all happened I was home alone and had just managed to call my dad to twll him to get home to which i was lucky as he was about to take my little sister to the cinema. So he came back home to find me lay on my bed unconscious to then he called an ambulance to which they only sent out a little paramedic car which could hardly do anything!!! Then they had to ask my parents iff i ever did drugs or anything to which i never have in my life and never will!!! So then eventually an ambulance was eventually sent to the house i was living at to them trying to then get me in to the ambulance off the stretcher to which they managed but my dad told me My head was being smacked all over the place as it must of really been hurting me. So then I was in hospital until the swelling had settled down and the surgeon could do surgery to remove the AVM which was like 7 months after I was reffered in the first place so I went down in to theatre on the !ST of April 2008 in which it took the surgeon a total of 15 and a half hours to complete the operation. So then after the operation i was then just sent home after being back in hospital for about 2 weeks to which I just got physio once a week. To which my Mum wasnt happy about this so she asked the Physio i had iff he new of anywhere that would take me on for rehab? To then the physio telling my mum about the Priory but he said they only take over 18s and I was only 16 at the time. So my mum phoned the Priory up to get an appointment to which they had agreed to take me on so I was admitted in November 200. To which when I first started I loved it as the physio I had she was absolutely beautiful and I think i had a crush on her haha and she was there for the first 6 months i was there while the other physio was on maternity leave. So this physio i had at first had got me walking again and took me to the gym and swimming once a week. Then in April 2009 her time was up and the original physio came back and I couldnt stand her or understand her for that matter as she was Polish!!! But anyhow I have now finnished in this Rehab place and im back at home and have a local physio now who is getting me back in to the gym again soon?xxx

The Priory is a Rehab place specifically for brain injuries x

I can not even imagine what this AVM did to your teen years. I discovered mine after I turned forty. Yes, older than dirt, at least my daughter tells me I am sure the whole thing was scary, especially for your parents. But from what I have seen you have handled this AVM thing well despite it all. The saying goes "that that does not kill us makes us stronger" and you are proof positive. Relax, even not yet knowing about the AVM, I did not go to prom. I don't think you missed all that much. You seemed to have learned so much more much earlier than the rest. Kudos to you! :J

Hi Jay - I'm sorry to hear about your teen years being preoccupied with this stuff - on the bright side, you have the rest of your life ahead of you to be somewhat of an average teenager - don't settle for "normal", btw.

Question about your in-home physio: how did you find him/her?

Well When my time was up in the priory my social worker had to find someone to overtake my physio to which luckily she found someone x