Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - AVM'ers & Family

I just wanted to wish all the members on here a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year… It’s currently Christmas Eve out here in Sydney, Australia and with fresh daily outbreaks of COVID its safe to say we have ALL endured a tough time during the pandemic.

As terrible and challenging as this year has been it has also been a time to slow down and reflect on family and what you have in life… so many lost their lives around the globe to this virus and many families are hurting after the impact of COVID… I just wanted to wish you all a very healthy and safe Merry Christmas and hope 2021 will be that much better for all of you on your battles with AVM… God bless!


Hear! Hear! Adrian,

I think it’s an amazing thing that we are so united, all the way around the globe.

Have a good Christmas, everyone and I hope we get to a much better place before this time next year. :christmas_tree::heart:

Lots of love



The best to all, I had forgotten that Santa gets limbered up in Australia before braving our predicted feels like -40 C in Manitoba! Whatever your beliefs, faith, spirituality may be, we are in this together, through our AVMs and doing our duty in preventing the spread of COVID. Thank you to all who support, lend a hand, lend an ear, share their experience, and for just being there. Take Care, and enjoy within all our various rules we have right now! John.


A tad late - but, yes - very merry Christmas to everyone & a happy upcoming year

For myself - this year, was one for the ages


Too late for Christmas… But Happy Holidays and New Year! This last year has definitely, by far, been the most testing to me personally and certainly on our community. Excited for what this year will bring for everybody on this site!


Time to say “Happy new year, everyone!”

Well, 2020 was “imperfect”, I think. “Room for improvement”, maybe*. As the thousands of people who test positive for coronavirus in the UK is heading into orbit (nearly 56,000 people yesterday :scream:) I think it could still get a lot worse before it gets better.

So… my very best wishes to everyone for 2021. Hold tight through the winter because I think it’s going to be hell. I hope we see some daylight ahead that we may just enjoy in the summer.

Keep on keeping on.

Very best wishes for the year ahead,


*Note: I am quite English, you know. We have a reputation for understatement to maintain…