Menopause and your symptoms?

i know this may not be something that people may want to talk about in a public forum...but...any thoughts? experience? I am 49 feeling crappy (migraines, changes in sensation, body tingling) but no changes in my CT scan and looking for some answers....

Well, since my AVM was discovered after I had a complete hysterectomy because of a cancer risk I'm not always sure which symptoms are menopause & which are AVM. All I can tell you is between the headaches, left sided "heaviness", hot flashes, night sweats, occasional "butterflies" in my head I am just a "hot mess!" lol!! So I guess what I am trying to say is you are not alone... Seriously though, I recently had a CT and MRI and my CT scan was OK but I persisted that I felt pressure like I might have swelling so my Dr. ordered a MRI and there was swelling around the AVM that wasn't picked up by CT, after a course of steroids the heaviness on my left side was not as with your Dr. about the symptoms you are having..

A word of caution: I had a DaVinci hyster in July 2011 resulting in a significant change in the size of my AVM and edema pushing on my frontal lobe. My neuroradiogists said possibly the damage was done if there were changes in my Bp during the surgery . The fibroid was twice as large as expected and required 1-1/2 hours more time to complete and I started coming out of the aesthetic too early. In the event gym surgery is required, talk to gynoc about the risk to the AVM.