Memory problems and problem solving...really?

Last week my husband and I went to go see his neurosurgeon and he was pleased with the progress my husband has made since November of last year when he had a Cerebral AVM removed and embolized from the right occipital lobe. We mentioned that his memory and problem solving had gotten noticeably worse in the last 3 months(2nd time we have said something to him about this subject). The Dr is still insisting that he does not believe these problems have anything to do with the AVM or removal of it. Really? I would love to hear your feedback on this subject.

Well, oceannablue88, only your husband and to some extent you will experience the effects of the surgery. The medical community has much to learn about the human brain. Someone said to me recently that 30 years ago my outcome would have been much different to which I replied that yes I would have been dead. Well the person didn't mean that conclusion but couldn't argue with me especially since my husband and children were told in 2011 to accept that I was going to die then (I realize that many in this community were near death.) In addition, my 2 AVMs were in the cerebellum and my neurosurgeon said that I was lucky since only my balance and coordination would be affected. Well, I was relieved to read on this website about Cerebellar Cognitive Affective Disorder since I experienced cognitive problems.