Memory problems and mood swings?

I was wondering if anyone has had weird memory. Where you only remember in third person if not at all? Then I get anger swings but don't remember them personally. I get snippets of memory of being weird and angry and screaming but then awhile later i'm a completley different person- not an angry person. There is a thing about this memory stuff on this website where there is a condition called deficient autobiographical memory ..

Recently it has been getting worse as I have been in a toilet and then actually not remembered going. I then lay in bed and not really remember if I will wake up in the same room.. Its just confusion. Sometimes I wake up really confused then go back to sleep. I can recall the events of the year as black or white but I don't remember actually being there. Its weird. So il wake up and do stuff and then by the afternoon I'm confused as the day seems like a mash of planted memorys and nothing adds up or makes sense.

I have had surgery in the back of my brain so was told it is not possible to have seizures.. my surgery was a year ago. but the memory stuff just seems to be going on.

todays is tuesday and I can't properlly recall everything that happened in the past two days. Im not depressed though, Its all just ablur with bits of memorys that I can't relate to.. But I am just endlessly confused I went to bed thinking what is happeneing.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do? I am seeing a private counsellor as the neuro-rehab place hasn't been very helpful over the year and they haven't taken me seriously so I stopped going there. They call themselves this but I'm not sure how much they know about the brain.

When I read a book I copy out the words that I look at. Otherwise nothing makes sense. but my own writing seems to be fine.

Yes, my AVM was also removed from the back of my brain, and yes I have had no
seizures. My short term memory was messed up royally for sure. I remember at the
hospital waking up early and getting in my wheelchair and going to the area where we
were fed for a nice early breakfast, and after that going back to bed. Then when I
woke up again I had no memory at all of that and went back for another breakfast!
One of the hospital workers remembered me coming to the earlier breakfast and this
is how I know this happened and my Dr. and I discussed this. This happened a time or
two after I went back home, but then no more.

Time, time, and more time improve this problem, anyway it did for me. Only thing I
ever did for this was to give myself lists of things to memorize and then testing myself
on them. This helped some.

Hoping that all of you will improve in time, for this short term memory problem!

thanks for the reply john. It's reassuring to know this .

I have had strange memories that I’ve thought, for years, were figments of my imagination, until, out of the blue, in idle conversation, I will talk about the memory and someone who was “there” will corroborate the occurrence of exactly what I thought had occurred.

I do at times feel this way but i would highly recommend seeking medical advice about the matter just to be on the safe side...God bless!

Jessica...It's been 8 years since my brain hemorrhage and surgery. My AVM was in the left posterial side of my brain. From the very beginning, I've had difficult with my memory. I've learned ways to write down important things to remember. I use Word on my computer to create a journey...Perhaps that will be helpful for you. You will find ways to manage your memory issues....Stay strong & positive!

There are some things therapy can assist, some things only time and others gone forever.

I do have memory issues, but it's not exactly what you're describing. Granted I had some weird things before my rupture (walk into a room and forget why I went in) but when I get over stressed or have too much sensory input I've had problems remembering common words or being unable to articulate them. I've also in this situation been at the mailbox several buildings down and forgotten how to get back to my apartment or even what apartment number is mine. On one occasion I had a blip where I couldn't remember my name - only my writing pen name. Luckily my son was with me in the ER and explained that it was my name....sort of... But like I said, the larger episodes were always following too much stress or sensory overload. My neuro said it's my brain's way of telling me it's getting lots of input (the stress or overload) that it doesn't know what to do with so it gives me unpleasant feedback to get me to stop doing what it doesn't like. I know other AVM survivors who have forgotten huge chunks of their lives. One lady couldn't remember any of her family when she woke up in the hospital after her rupture and the resulting surgeries. I also heard about a writer who had an AVM brain rupture similar to mine who forgot how to write or read. He had to relearn to read in the hospital as well as math skills etc. So I don't think the memory issues are odd, it just varies with each of us, depending on where the damage is and how extensive it is.