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Memory loss after gamma knife surgery common?


Hey all,
I recently had Gamma Knife surgery , I ended up loseing my hair 3 weeks later and now starting to lose my memory like have hard time remembering things that just happen or not remembering where I’m at ? Is this normal ??


I had cyber knife radiation surgery and I have had problems with short term memory as well!


I brought it up in my support group the other day and they recommend to get a Neuro site test I think that was it was call but they test your brain and you get your IQ and they told me it would her figure out why and how to prevent it from interfering with my study’s for school


Interesting, I didn’t know this. Thank you!


I noticed short term memory problems as well, my wife tells me that on several time post gamma knife treatment I repeated myself . It’s been about month since my treatment, I have noticed that it has gotten better.


I had a stroke caused by my AVM a few years back. My memory was acceptable before the stroke. Not great, not bad.
After my stroke, my short term memory is shot. I can’t remember certain things within seconds. I can’t really read anymore because by the time I’ve finished to the bottom of the page, I can’t remember what was at the top.
I tried some of the memory exercises but they did nothing. I remembered how to drive, how to fish and that I love my wife and pork chops.


I had gamma in 2009 and had short and long term memory loss. I find that if I read for about an hour a day the short term stays pretty good. If I go for a week without reading I’ll start forgetting all kinds of things, so hopefully you like to read.


I had Gamma in 2014 and have had major problems with short term and have completely lost some long term memory. reading does help, so does repetitive patterns, for me. It looks like OCD to everyone else but it helps.


Neuropsychologist is the specialist you want to see