Memory is getting worse after 13 yrs

Has anyone else has major memory loss that is getting much worse with time.

Not major, but slow progression heading that way, 27+ yrs, post surgery,. More s noticeable the last two yrs, I’m 52

Mine is really been in last 2yrs. Its become noticeable my friends will day I told you that and I have no memory of it. Dr said its from scar tissue and remember you have a damaged brain!

I have issues with short-term memory. My long-term memory is still really good. But often I can’t remember what my husband or work colleague said to me yesterday! Its annoying and a pain in the neck. But things could be worse I guess.

I have a similar problem . 5 years now and begining to forget words and what has happened or said the previous day. Good also to forget yesterdays happenings!! Haha otherwise still ok

Short term memory problems increasing 16 years post cerebellar stroke, but very unsure what is normal ageing at 61

I’m 40 and my memory is shocking. Nearly 3 years post embolisation and radiotherapy. I try to make as many notes as possible.

Yes, I feel my memory is not as great as it used to be. For a while, I blamed my AVM, until I realized I AM 55, and maybe my memory is getting worse just because of my AGE, not my AVM???
How old are you, Brenda?
Good luck…

Just a quick question to anyone who’ll read this… How are you coping with the memory loss? I am causing mayhem everywhere I go. Can’t even remember where I put my damn phone/keys/notepad/bag you name it. Warm regards Al


My memory has gotten horrible, and gets worse. I have to send emails to myself and make notes.

The one biggest thing that helped the most is to be super consistent with where you keep everything. Keeps your wallet in the same place always. Same with keys, glasses; everything!! Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about forgetting what I was talking about. This happens multiple times daily. Its extremely embarrassing in a professional environment. Keeping notes on what you want to express next, while youre listening to the person or party youre engaged in conversation with helps. Most of the time, I can’t remember anything someone tells me. Sunday 3 days ago as I was picking up laundry, I knew I had dropped it off in the morning, but I couldn’t remember actually dropping it off.

I have a cranial cavernous malformation (low pressure AVM 2.3cm x 1.2cm. I had a bleed about 8.5 yrs ago with light stroke. I’ve had headaches all my life, and after 1998 every minute of everyday. There is 100% risk of complication for surgery. I had my first seizure about 2 years ago. At around 6 yrs after the bleed the pain was worse than ever and I couldn’t function because the pain was so bad. Ive been on morphine daily for about 4 years. Im also on Pregabalin for Glossopharyngeal Neauralgia, and immiprimine. Doses are on the high side. Every specialist I see says they don’t know how I do it. I almost went on full disability about 2.5 yrs ago, but I’ve been hanging on, and am definitely in a better place than I was 2.5 yrs ago. I modified my work days to work 7 hrs, not take a lunch, and go home at 3:30, working 7 hrs a day. I take meds when I wake (I wake with a headache), and then take none while I’m at work. As soon as I get home I take doses 2 & 3 immediately, and try to hold off on the last one for as long as I can. This allows me to function at work and drive. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE!!! By the time Im taking meds right after work, the morning meds are wearing off very quickly, the Pain starts to increase dramatically, and I start getting dope sick, while I wait for the afternoon dose to kick in. Most often, I don’t start feeling relief and a little better by 8 PM or 8:30. This is a daily re-run of a horrible horrible nightmare. The pain never goes 100% away. The docs have told me they can’t make it go away completely, only make me feel more comfortable. It does seem its catching up with me and I seem to be sliding down the hill very slowly as pain levels increase, and I get more weerry from daily, continual, very strong drug therapy, strong headache pain, and strong left side nerve pain.

The support from Ben’s sites is the greatest contributer to me being able to keep moving forward. Truly a blessing.

Perhaps my greatest fear is that I’ll have an accident while driving and someone will get hurt. I absolutely do not go out after dark. Ever!

Best wishes to all!!

I’ve found that if I read for about an hour a day it really helps with my short term, almost normal. If I go for 4-5 days without reading I’ll forget were I’m going while driving. Lucky for me I like to read.

Hi I am Andrea 48 years I had my stroke in 1998 got diagnosed in 2002, My AVM is on my left side of my brain, I have been experiencing excruciating pains in my head, neck, spine and joints. Also severe memory loss, balancing problems and at present swelling on the left side of my head where the AVM is also understanding simple sentences is a serious problem for me at times but I am not giving up I am Praying and trusting in the LORD.

Hi Jason, I have been experiencing that same problem sometimes when I am driving I can remember where I was heading, one day I came out of a store and I felt lost I started to panic I couldn’t remember where I parked my car, I headed off in the wrong direction and I started to pray it took some time but it finally came back to me.

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This Site is truly a Blessings because where I am here, I am not aware of any one else with this condition I am so happy that I was doing some research and came up with this website. The Info is great also U can interact with Survivors like yourself, GOD is GOOD. Thank you BEN AND COMMUNITY FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE.

God is great!! Yes this site is a godsend, it’s so nice to know were not alone, I am taking to same approach as you, take care and never give up, were all here for each other

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Something Shalom said really made me smile. I am always ‘losing’ my car in car parks. It even bad at work where I come out at the end of the day and can’t remember which side of the car park my car is on. I feel like a real donut walking up and down the aisles. But what choice have I got? My husband suggested carrying round a notebook. But I don’t know if I would remember to write things in it. Maybe its just a case of getting into the habit…

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Hi Everyone Good morning, Hi Lulu 1, You made me smile :smile: my husband & parents keep telling me to write, there were times I wrote and forgotten that I had written things down, :laughing: in my country we drive on the left hand side of the road so one day I was experiencing a terrible headache I drove on the right hand side as if it was quite normal and drove on streets that was one way, my long and short term memory is a mess, hadn’t it been for The Most High GOD where would we be today, I can’t help to give him thanks everyday. :heart_eyes: Love U All. Let us continue to Strengthen each each. GOD LOVES US.

Hi Lulu, yeah Shalom’s got it !! I also enjoyed that, take care,

Hi Brenda. Yes. How are you coping?