Memory help

After having brain surgery to stop a bleed and remove a 4cm clot sat above my spinal column, I discovered my memory was in pieces. Here I have put a few little things that helped me so may help someone else. there really is little i can do about my short term memory apart from playing the take away game, ( put some items on a tray cover then take one away and try to remember which one is missing ) but I find that keeping a log and writing things down helps a lot. in the first few weeks after going home from surgery most carers will take on the responsibility of appointments and general day to day running but once the person who has had the treatment shows interest in such things please allow them to write such things in their log, patients in recovery have very little control over anything in their life and this small thing means a lot, besides what harm can it do? I practice the short term memory tests with my children everyday and they love it.
My biggest problem was a few weeks ago I completely lost my memory but I found that MUSIC was a great help in triggering memories. it may not last very long but I could literally feel the connections being made I listened to all sorts of music my favourite songs which triggered recent memories and old songs from my teens and childhood, once i triggered a memory loads of other things would start to connect and come back, I found the older the memory the longer it would last. I hope this is of some help to at least someone i know it really helped me and on a daily basis i listen to music just to get my mind working again and im amazed at some of the things i can remember, also if there is something particular you want to be remembered put some music to it (not music that is already associated with a memory) for example i went to a friends birthday party and they played ub40 now when i hear the song i remember the party)
wishing you the very best of luck and you will get there its a very hard time for anyone going through or looking after someone but your not alone :O) xxxx

What a great idea whispers! My memory is so random. I never know from day to day what it is I might forget. I write everything down or now I put it all in a list on my iPhone. I love the idea of putting something important to music. Music is also a big trigger for me. I guess because music has always been so much a part of my life. Thanks for the suggestions!

Fantastic ideas! I'm going to try them! Thanks!