AVM Survivors Network

Member Gatherings


Hi. I am a spinal AVM survivor and am new to the site. As I browse through the site, I do not see anything about members having gatherings/meetings to share information. Is this something that has been done in the past, or planned for in the future? Thanks



We’ve managed to have a couple of UK gatherings in recent months. It is naturally a local thing, so I would suggest starting a topic in one of the Regional group threads… but there’s no real magic way of attracting the attention of people in that area or to the thread, other than happening to find two or three like minded folk.

That a few people have chipped into the Dr recommendations in NY might be fertile ground. You can nudge people in a thread by using their @DickD identifier. It writes explictly to them.

Hope this helps. I think we’ve all enjoyed the recent UK meals out.