Melody Kaye Stout - August 1, 2009

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Cheryl Underwood Jorgenson
August 1, 2009 ·

Melody Kaye Stout

This is the newest update for Melody (Jorgeson) Stout. For some of you, this is my first email to you, for others, it may be the 2nd or 3rd or 4th. I finally figured out how to make a contact list, so I don’t have to go to the address book and try to remember to check all the names to send the updates to :slight_smile:
For those of you who haven’t heard what is happenning, on Monday July 27, Melody suffered a massive left cerebral hemorrhage and has endured 2 surgeries this week, it is a miracle of our Loving God that she survived the rupture of blood vessels at the base of her brain (it was discovered to be an arterio-venous malformation --AVM). The neurosurgeon was able to stop the bleeding on Monday and evacuate the large blood clot that had formed when she arrived at Barnes-Jewish Hosp. in St. Louis by air-flight. On Wed. the 2nd surgery was performed to repair the AVM. Melody has done remarkably well, and we know that your prayers (so many are praying around the world, even 3ABN has been notifying folks!! A special thanks to all of you who have your prayer chains activated, and those who are updating facebook too!!
Jerry and Cheryl were on their way home from our Simply His" western concert trip (in ElDorado, KS)when they got the news, they rushed home, parked the motor home with the car still loaded on the trailer, jumped in the other car and came to St. Louis. Michael and Margret were the first to arrive at the hospital, and the Drs and Nurses kept them updated and they kept in contact by phone to Jerry and Cheryl. Jerry and Cheryl arrived around 10pm Mon. night. Melody was out of surgery, but you can imagine their shock at seeing her in a coma with all the surgery dressings, etc and Melody on a ventilator.

In the days since, Melody has been improving and so many have come to support and pray with Michael, Jerry, Cheryl, Margret and all!! Thanks again SO much to Jason Meyers and his bride, and Sara Burkitt and her family for openning their homes for family to get some much needed rest and to Steve Lascanic (probably misspelled) for all his encouragement and care, to all who have traveled here to encourage–too many for me to even remember all their names!!

Jerry and Cheryl appreciate all your email and calls, but for now, they just can’t answer everyone, please know that they love you and appreciate you so much!! they have asked me to continue to do these updates and I will forward your replies to me so they can read them when time allows.

Yesterday was a very eventful day!! Don and I, Margret, and Jerry’s parents doris and Garfield left early to head to Jerry and Cheryl’s to get their motor home and bring it to St. Louis. Thospital has 5 RV slots here, one was to open up on Aug. and that way they could have their “home away from home” right here at the hospital. We got it all prepared and parked it at an RV park that is only about 3 miles from the hospital for last night, and this am, Don and Jerry are moving it to the RV site here at the hospital.

Melody is getting more stable each day, she had been responding overtly to Cheryl and to Michael, but yesterday, she lifted her left hand toward her dad wanting him to take her hand, it brought tears to Jerry’s eyes!! She also moved her right hand for the first time, we are SO hopeful that this means she will eventually have use of that right hand along with all her other limbs!!!

Today is Aug. 1, an anniversary for “Simply His” We have been singing now for 20 years!! We have cancelled all the concerts for the next 4 weeks and are prayerfully seeking the Lord’s guidance for the future since Melody may have a very long recouperation time, please join us in seeking the Lord’s will as we daily await His guidance!!

Margret has to leave today for Waterloo, IA, her dear brother Ron died on Tuesday after a long struggle with lung cancer. Please pray for her and all the Buchanan family as they travel to IA for ron’s funeral which will be on Monday Aug 3.

Michael’s dad Pat is here now from California for about a week. His sister Julie plans to come here from TX next week for a few days.

Thank-you ALL SO MUCH again for your continued prayers and encouragement!! I hope to send daily often to keep you informed!!

Jerry and Cheryl’s emails are:

Jerry’s employer has allowed him to do most of his work from the hopsital and have shipped his computer to him. Cheryl hopes to be able to do much of her work here too, going to the offices perhaps 1-2 days a week, Michael and Melody’s employers are being very generous and the Lord is working miracles with the insurance and financial issues, please continue to pray about this aspect as well.

We are continuing to trust the Lord in His wisdom and love as He cradles Melody in His arms and moves through the Drs and Nurses in their care for Melody and the family. The folks here at Barnes-Jewish are SO amazingly helpful and wonderful!! They even have allowed Don and I to park our camper just outside the front entrance since we can’t get a 24 foot-- 11 ft tall motor home into the parking garage!

There are so many other daily miracles going on, I can’t write it all today–this email is pretty lengthy already.

Thank-you all SO much again!!
In Christ’s love,

Don and Donna Mohl