Meeting with radiolologist what questions should i be asking

tomorrow I meet with dr to talk about doing gamma knife procedure. i’ve already had two embos. the second with complications. i’m nervous about doing anything, but just wondering what kind of questions should i be asking the radiologist. any suggestions? thanks

Coming from experience… make sure you ask him about possible ‘long term effects’ from the GF. Little is known in this area and doctors aren’t willing to say much about it. I was told there were very little possible side effects from it. That is not the whole truth. But, the procedure itself isn’t bad at all. I’m sure the doc will explain that. Ask for a good pain med when its over, you may need it for a few days from the headache. There are many others here who have had good results from there GF. Good Luck!

I had my gamma knife surgery last monday (or the 24th of january). I didn’t know what to ask either so i wrote down on a peice of paper the question i wanted to ask a couple days before i had the treatmnet. I asked really basic questions but my radiologist was awesome! He was very understanding and didn’t beat around the buch about anything. He was very concerned surprisingly considering no one else was during these tryin times. But try to ask basic questions… Like, How will this effect me? How long will it take for me to recover? Whats the chance of getting brain cancer after treatment? What are the possible side effects from the treatment? How long do they usually last? Things of that nature…