I have been reading a lot of books lately on Buddhism and meditation; I’m trying to meditate once daily but have yet to establish a good routine. I am also trying to find a group to sit with in town…and this being Asheville (lots of New Agers- yuck)…there are lots of groups around. The first group I went to definitely didn’t suit me (a bunch of pretentiousness) and I’m hoping the group I’m going to next week will be more down to earth.

Anyway, I think meditation will be a good way for me to manage my AVM. I am rather high strung and am hoping meditation will help with stress and with centering myself.

I have been doing biofeedback…which is a little like mediation. I am sure you know what it is…lol…most people that have avm’s or headaches do anyways. Works great for me and my headaches and it also helps me relax if I am stressed out about something. I think everyone should learn how to do it. lol.

Sounds like a plan, good luck with finding the right group Dianne.

Adding you to prayers for the right group!! It works well as long as you stick with it…