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Are there any Medicines that you shouldnt take with a (AVM)?

Any blood thinner type meds probably are no-no's.

If you take anti-seizure meds, there are meds that can interact or interfere with them too.

ron, ks

Hi Crystal,
As Ron suggested, no blood thinners, or meds that have abnormal bleeding potentials, such as: aspirin, advil, ibuprofen, Omega 3's, Vit. E. With cold season upon us, I was told by my NS to avoid Sudafed (OTC & Rx).
Check with your drs. or pharmacist when unsure, or you can even contact drug manufacturers in some cases.

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Ditto to what Ron and Patti G have said. In addition to medications that are known to thin the blood, it is advisable to avoid alcohol, which also thins the blood, and caffeine, which increases blood pressure and puts additional stress on the vessel walls.

Right you are Jake.

Ron, ks

Hello , i think its depend in your general health condition, so its better to ask Neuro specialist they can advice you more than neuro surgery,
for me when its bleed my AVM i was taking Atenelol and anti convalsant Tegretol and pain killer as he say you have to take panadol group,

and in my experience you have to avoid coffe cocacola, Lucozed and other energizer drinks,
and other fat foods, grill meats , checolet, etc

this is just from my experience,
but when you ask most doctors they say you can it any,

Best wishes ,
God be with you!