Medicinal marijuana for AVM?

Has anyone thought of any pros and cons for the the use of medical marijuana for the treatment of a brain AVM? Has anyone done this?

I’ve been thinking about applying for it and getting it for the seizures I’ve been having because of it. I’m thinking maybe it will help the other symptoms it’s causing as well? Light headedness, migraines, facial numbness, etc. But will it be safe for the AVM? I’m thinking of bringing this up to my neurosurgeon this upcoming appointment.

Emily, You can search for this in the Search box at the top right of the site, I'd done this search for Marijuana and click here for the results :

Please note that we cannot give medical advice here and will always suggest that you discuss any treatment options with your medical professional. Thanks

Also Google "marijuana and seizures" to learn more on this topic also :) , Thanks.

Hello Emily
My pain neuro knows I take it and my mm dr is a neuro. She told me I would have try different things to see what works and since I am a light weight I dont smoke it.
They have all kinds of things to eat, salves, sprays even liquid. I have not had a seizure since 2011 but have pain and have issues sleeping. The liquid I put in water and it lets me sleep 6-8 hrs without feeling loopy when I wake up. I use half the recommended dosage, I always start off with 1/2 to 1/4 of what they recommend.

I was shocked that my mm dr gave up the big bucks of being a reg neuro but she said she became a mm dr cause she knows the opiates dont work and people chase it and get addicted.

I take gummmies and the liquid to sleep and I dont get the munchies. I use the salve on my TMJ Migraine face pain and my leg pain from my stroke.

I just had some new scans and I see the head of stroke at Stanford and he said he cant even tell from my brain scans that I had a massive stroke but we know my pain comes from damage to the small vessels which they can not see in scans.

But the good news is the medical marijuana is not doing any damage to my brain. I believe that taking coconut oil and turmeric has helped my brain heal so well. I did get the ok to continue to take the turmeric a few times a week cause its a blood thinner. So everyone please talk to your doctor before adding any supplements.

Also some great news Stanford is doing a clinical trial on stroke victims who have paralysis with stem cell into their brains and its been helping. I am not a candidate but hope in a few years this will be standard treatment.

also read another trial is using bone marrow for cancer patients and had a few people who also had MS and it cured their MS. So hopefully soon in a year or two we will have some other options to help us.

now once you get the ok from your reg dr and get a card the people that work at the places that sell it will help you pick what will work for you
They also have pills but they made me feel like I had vertigo but another friend with severe back pain they work for her.


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For me, 26/27 yrs post surgery, it has been my main source of relief, almost a miracle drug “for me” I can be in complete and total pain and smoke alittle,not much, and I instantaneously get relief, really helps me with appetite and not sleeping issues, I have found the key to recovery starts with diet and sleep, If you really want the truth go online and check out what the AMA was doing with it prior to 1940?? might be 39, over 70% of ALL ailments were prescribed some type of THC, the only issues I’ve every had have been social shaming by family and friends, NOTE: I only smoke after work, at home, average 2/3 puffs a night,over 25 yrs now : ) PEACE,LOVE,. AND UNDERSTANDING,

I started using it for the headaches, seizures, labs and anxiety in July. It really has been very helpful. I sleep much better and I don’t feel panicked all of the time