Medications after surgery

Was wondering besides the anti seizure meds i will be on after surgery..what others may they give?
Hope i wont be on antibotivs my body is so senstive to that

Nay, besides the anti-seizure med, I believe they ordered a pain med, but only for a few weeks. After that, if I had pain, I took Tylenol. Wish you the best...Please keep in touch.

Thanks Louisa
I will keep in touch

Nay, I wasn't even prescribed anti-seizure meds. Not sure why. Maybe they felft confident that I wouldn't have seizures based on where the bleed/AVM was? I was on anti-biotics (twice a day IV for 21 days) but only because I developed meningitis, which is rare but not unheard of with brain surgery. We're all thinking of you!

Hi Nay,

I can't remember what the medication was, could have been antiobiotics, but it's a step down medication (take less each day). I was on morphine right after surgery (which causes constipation, so then a stool softner - sorry for the TMI). I was given a prescription for pain meds, but never needed them. Are you in touch with the nurse,Lynne, at all? I would email her all the time and she always responded (either by phone or email).

Still thinking and praying for you!

Hey...directly after surgery they gave me painmeds, prednison against edema, some beta-bocker, pills for keeping the blood pressure low, sth against nausea. They gave it prophylacticly, except of nausea I didnt have problems.. Since then I never took any meds...I am well so far, no pain, no seizures, no dizzyness, no nausea. Hope u will be well, take care XXX