Medicated toothpaste

At my daughter’s last dental check up I informed the dentist that she has SRS end of last year so she prescribed medicated toothpaste. We was told that she won’t have to use it for long but when I looked on a NHS hospital website it said that she would be on it for life. I asked the GP but she didn’t know. I have spoken to the dentist surgery who are looking into it. Has anyone been told how long to use it for?

I’ve never heard of medicated tooth paste as an association to SRS. I’d been interested to hear as I couldn’t find anything related. Take Care, John

Hi John. I hadn’t heard about it until the dentist told me. My daughter has a brain AVM and when I asked the surgery about needing to stay on it, they wasn’t sure but suggested that may be it was just while their was still radiation in her

Thanks, and interesting. I had an AVM in my left temporal which bleed and had gamma knife, did some more googling as I found medicated toothpaste only associated to gum disease but then searched gingivitis and radiation and found:

Radiation therapy can change the amount and consistency of your saliva. This increases your risk of tooth decay and gum disease . Having good oral hygiene is important in lowering your risk of these conditions. Your dentist may also recommend special fluoride treatments during and after radiation therapy.

I couldn’t find anything specific to gamma knife, and one or two treatments but as my grandfather used to say “its a bad day when you don’t learn something”!

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That’s interesting. I didn’t realise it was to do with the amount of saliva that is produced