Medical side of AVMs


I am hoping someone might understand some of this.

The radiologist reviewed Rose’s angio last week. He’s aid there is shunting and a draining vein that’s draining into one of her sinus cavities. The neurosurgeon said if there is no nidus, there cannot be an AVM.

Rose has had daily headaches and dizziness for probably two weeks. I have been treating it as allergies. Now I am wondering if it is related to the AVM perhaps draining into a sinus cavity.

I was just reading a story online about an 8-year-old who’s AVM kept regrowing. The most recent surgery came after headaches and dizziness led doctors to realize there was an AVM draining into a sinus cavity.

Ever heard of this?

Hope you’re all having a quiet, relaxing and peaceful weekend!

The "if there is no nidus, there is no AVM" statement is misinformation -- some members here have had diffuse AVMs that never had a nidus. If a fragment of AVM is left after surgery, it can recruit new vessels and essentially transform them into more AVM.

That’s exactly the information I needed. Thank you! I wonder what it’s going to take to get rid of this thing for good…