Medical Files

Hi - Has anyone ever had your medical files sent to someone else by accident by a medical professional? If so, how did you address this?

OMG! Personally, I'd raise hell! Do you realize how much of your personal information is in one file? Not just yours either! All your emergency contacts. Was it sent to another patient or office? I needed my files sent from the hospital San Antonio to my doctor here in Corpus and I had to fill out a form about both offices and my own information and fax it over to San Antonio...I even had to contact the hospital in San Antone myself for their information, my neuros office could just be lazy though. I don't see how they could have made that mistake with all these HIPAA laws constantly changing... Oi, I hope you get a good answer!

Hi Kristi - It was, in fact, mailed to another patient's mother with the same name.

Not really knowing what's included in the files helps tremendously - thank you - the woman to whom it was sent told me that she didn't open the envelope - and I "know" her son and believe her.

I signed the privacy thing, which I'm pretty sure this whole thing is illegal; my real conflict is an ethical one.

FYI - My parents used to be my legal guardians while I was in a coma and a little bit after until we had to go to court to undo that.

it depends on how far you want to pursue legal action. This is a big oversight and you were extremely fortunate that the kind lady didn't open your records. This definetely needs to be addressed though. You can speak with the specific MD's office Manager or report it to the Patient Representatives office.

Yes, what happened with your records sent should not have happened. Was there any real harm done? I doubt it.

If it were me, I'd make a big point of thanking the person who let you know. I'd make sure the office that sent it out wrong knows so they can make sure it doesn't happen again.

The key words of what they did wrong was violate the HIPPA laws. Those words get the attention of everyone.

Several years ago, our kids, who were still on our insurance, had a big issue with an online pharmacy. They kept sending our meds to the kids, and their meds to us (they were not living at home at the time). I tried talking with them and kept trying to get them to fix the problem. Our daughter, who's in the medical field, simply called them and said "I believe you are violating the HIPPA laws with what has been happening with our meds." They solved the problem right away.

Ron, KS