Medical Braclet

I found out about my AVM about 18months ago, I'm lucky, no bleed or real side effects so far but of course that could quite easily change.

My question is should I wear some kind of medical braclet with AVM on it in case something happens, will it make much difference.

Currently I have opted for no treatment.

Look forward to reading your thoughts.

My son is also opting for no treatment at this time. If he were to have a bleed, I think he would be better off to go to Shands than to stay here in Orlando and have treatment. The nurse at Shands agreed that they treat a lot more avms than Orlando does. She said they might be able to stable his condition and then airlift him on to Shands. I wonder if anyone here has had that done after a bleed. It would be complicated but far better than having an inexperienced avm surgeon operate.

Especially if you're on medications, a Medical Bracelet would 'speak' on your behalf if you were incapable.
I've been wearing a Medic Alert bracelet since diagnosis in 88 & it gives me a peace of mind knowing if I were by myself & couldn't talk, EMT's or hospital staff could call Medic Alert & know what condition I have, what meds I take, what meds to avoid (no blood thinners!), my personal & healthcare contact #'s. Fortunately, I've not had to rely on my bracelet, but it's reassuring! :)

My AVM was detected 2 and half years ago. Like you, I had no sign, and decided to wait and see. Bleed occurred 5 months ago. Fortenately, it was a small ne without consequences. I was wearing a card in my bag. I think that if the bleed was important, i.e. If I could not understand myself was happened and say it, it could be that a long time spend before a correct diagnostic. On my card, there was also the name of the hospital in which The AVM was explored. I got an embolization 2 weeks ago. Take care.

Hi Daniella,

I wondered the same thing. Since both of my local hospitals have my records, I haven't been concerned about it. I think if I were to travel out of my area, it might be a good idea. Especially if I got into a position where I could not talk. It would at least give the medical professionals a good idea of where to look first.

My mother, who is 76, has First Alert. You know - the one they advertise on TV and you just push a button on the necklace they give you. I CAN NOT tell you how many times that has saved her life. She's diabetic and has a history of minny strokes. Once she pushes that, they in turn talk to her through an intercom that's placed in the home. If she does not respond or her speech is mumbled- they immediately call an ambulance and then they call my sister and myself. I only live 4 minutes from her. Every time she had to use it, the ambulance got there before I did. It's a wonderful system and I highly recommend it for those who would need it.


Hi Daniella,

I have an active AVM and I do wear a medic alert bracelet. I got mine from Lauren’s Hope as they make some really pretty ones :). I also always have my wallet card with basic medical info and emergency contact as well as my neurosurgeons card right next to it. I travel a lot for work and when I do travel I carry a CD of all my films with me.

Hi there, I opted for a medic alert bracelet more for safety if I did have a bleed, time is crucial if it does happen and I live a long way from a hospital, I also didnt want doctors to waste time trying to work out what might be wrong! I always think better to be safe than sorry, best wishes :)