Medical Bracelet

I want to get a medical bracelet but somehow I'm a little unclear on my options. When I researched on my own, it seemed that there are two choices: basic enscription-style metal band (which obviously can't fit much information) or a USB bracelet which, like any USB drive, can store a bunch of digital data/files. I asked a fireman/first responder guy today if the USB thing would even be practical in an emergency (would someone actually take the time to plug it in and look?) and he left me a little confused about my options saying there was kind of 'standard' when it comes to medical bracelets and he just suggested I ask my doctor.

Any help?


My mother wears one because she's advanced diabetic and has some medicine allergies. I can tell you from experience. - The ones that the paramedics can read, gives them the immediate information that they need. It has helped saved her life many times when she couldn't respond.

I hope this helps,

I wear a USB one in case I have the need for first responders. I figure that just having that bracelet on will give first responders a heads-up that I have/had some kind of issue. if whomever wants to see my brain scans, etc., they can see that on the USB for immediate access of information.

Knowing I have three years and possible more, I had one made. I brought some of my gold chains to a jeweler and had it done. It has my name on the front and “AVM above brainstem” on the back. I am 45 years old and in good health (other then this minor detail) and if I collapsed I dont think anyone would be “check her brain for a bleed!” Time is so critical if it ever happened so it was important to me and makes me feel better having it. I never take it off!

Our son had seizures from Middle school into college. We were worried about emergency responders knowing what he had--his seizures were not grand mal, but complex partial seizures where he'd just zone out.

If you've ever seen a kid on drugs, all strung out, THAT is the way he appeared during a seizure. Not able to focus or talk, groggy, etc. He wore a med alert necklace, and after looking at various cards, we ended up building our own which he placed next to his driver's license (well, id card, but it looked like a driver's license).

The card explained his condition, our phone numbers, what meds he was on, and his Dr's info. He never had to use it, but we were glad he had it in his wallet.

Ron, KS

Good point Ron, if you open my wallet the first thing you see is “medical info” . It has my info and Dr info, ect. My driver license is behind it. No way any one could miss it. Time can be so critical in an emergency so try to make it as easy as possible for someone to have it.

I'm not one to wear a bracelet. I don't even wear a watch for that matter. But, I've been contemplating the same thing for quite a long time. I like the idea of carrying my information in my wallet as some of you have suggested. That's a GREAT idea people! :)

I like Dana's idea of putting it with my drivers' license. I think that would be a good place for it to be seen and/or found rather easily. I think I'll type one up and laminate it this week yet. I have a business card program and that will be the perfect size. Then I'll just have to make room in my wallet for it. I carry more cards (for stores - NOT credit cards, hee hee) than I do money.. lol


I wear a regular medical alert bracelet. I got mine at Lauren's Hope since i didn't want a big clunky one like my grandfather used to wear :P. I was able to order a really pretty one that people have noticed is a medical alert bracelet but it doesn't stand out like you are wearing one. On the back I have my name, right parietal AVM, My mom's phone number and "see wallet card".

I always carry a wallet card with me explaining my situation, I have my doctor's name and phone number on the wallet card and I also have his card in my wallet. In addition I put his name in my phone and put "neurosurgeon" next to his name so they know which doctor he is if the just look in my phone.

I also carry my films around with me. I guess since I am a girl and carry a purse i figured why not put the CD with all my medical films in there!! In reality I have probably gone a bit far with that but i figure i can never be too safe than sorry.

I got a regular metal one after I developed epilepsy. Honestly, in an emergency, people probably wouldn’t understand what the USB thing was or how they could help you. If they can just flip over the bracelet and see your condition, it would at least help them tell the paramedics etc. should it come to that. I got mine from My Identity Doctor, a website online that has a TON of them. They also give you the little paper card thing for your wallet with your purchase.