Medical bills problem

My husband medical bills are about 800,000-900,000 and
Insurance is only going to cover a fraction of that. He also
Might be losing his job because his family medical leave is up
Does anyone have any ideas about getting help? My husband
Is doing well physically but the bills and debt have him
Very depressed. I keep telling him that he’s priceless
And we’ll get through this but he keeps saying that he’s
Ruined our lives with all the medical debt. Help help help!!

Hi Rebecca,
I’m sorry to hear of your situation, but I would guess that it is common. Assuming that most of the bills are from a hospital, I would start there. I would arrange to meet with someone from the billing department. Let them know that there is no way you can pay even a fraction of the amount owed and ask them to guide you to someone that help you work something out.
I would pursue that route to see what they suggest. If they don’t offer you something that you can live with, you might want to speak with a bankruptcy attorney for guidance. You might even want to speak with the attorney first to see what your options are. For sure, don’t sign anything at the hospital prior to seeking legal counsel would be my recommendation.
Best case would be if they forgive all of the balance. Or maybe you can agree to pay $50/month for the next 1500 yrs or until you die (grin).
I wouldn’t lose sleep over a mountain of medical bills–I mean are they going to undo the surgery or something???

Counseling is important for all of you for depression. We did counseling and it really helped the whole family.
Best wishes,
Ron, KS

Hi Rebecca. This discussion might have some info you can use...

I checked on The Angel Food Ministries website and they have several sites near your town!

I will be praying for you!!!

Sorry to hear about what you are going thru. I know what how you guys feel are dr bills are starting to roll in to from all the things I had to have done. We are waiting for the billfor the surgery to come in. But I just had the surgery 3 weeks ago. And to top it off I just had to have emergency gall bladder surgery on april 9th, so to top it off I now have that surgical bill to add to it. Thank god my job is holding my position until i come back and I dont have to worry about it. But all the bills are starting to pile up on us. It was my checks that paid the majority of the bills. So this is hitting us relly hard. So i know exactly how yu feel. I wish there was a way I could help. All if my thoughts n prayers are with u and r family.


It's a tough one for sure. My wife and I are facing the middle of our trip so far down this crazy road. We owe a great deal of money to various hospitals, but are awaiting a treatment from the gamma knife soon, her last one they say. Though they aren't sure it will do any good or not anyway. However, I became proactive recently. If nothing else, I feel it gets the story of AVMs out there a bit more, involves people, and challenges them to look around. You could set up a site with a paypal button, reach out to those around you, churches, whoever. I will be praying for you of course, and your family. Money isn't everything by any means. :)