Medical Bill Bankruptcy

Not to get too much up in everyone's medical bill/financial grill, but has anyone had to claim bankruptcy for their avm bills?

It's one thing that is always top of mind no matter what.

Anyone want to throw in their two cents on this?

Hi Julie, just wanted to say, its posts like this that make me feel truly blessed to live in New zealand, where all our medical is paid for by government agencies. I think I would probably definitely be medically bankrupt otherwise! Good luck with your search for info :)

Hi Julie! My Husband and I have decided to file medical bankruptcy in 2013. I have thousands and thousands of dollars in Medical bills for my AVM. They just keep building up and it all started in 2007. In the beginning I tried to stay on top of them, but when u get a bill for two grand and there’s no way u can pay it what can u do knowing more are coming to you!?!
It just kept building up more and more as time went by. Now I don’t even open up my mail anymore that come’s from my doctors, as well as answer my phone from bill collectors.
I just found out I can have my AVM removed ( it’s safe enough now), so once I do that and have my following check up appointments then I won’t have to go to as many doctors as I am now. And will have way less bills then before. So I will be able to claim bankruptcy and start all over with a clean slate. I am more then happy to do this then keep having to be stressed out every day.
You are definitely not the only one. It’s very frustrating and sad knowing we have to claim bankruptcy due to a health condition that could never have been prevented.