Medical Alert Bracelet

I am really new to this AVM. Just had my first surgery last week. Does anyone wear a medical alert bracelet. If so what does it say.

This search will help you connect to others with medical alert bracelets:

Hi Maple-I wear one; it has a USB chip inside. Although I don’t get the typical seizures, I added my brain scans and some med. records on it. The USB bracelet link was from this site to I think Walmart???

I wear one that states my name and the I have a right parietal AVM. It also has my Emergency Contact Information with my mom's number and a note that says see wallet card.

I have two wallet cards and they both have my diagnosis on it, that I have a history of hydrocephalus from my aneurysm, the name and phone number of my neurosurgeon and the hospital that he is located at.

I also cary my films on a CD with me when I travel for work.

I probably don't need all of this stuff but i figure if i am super prepared it will ward off evil spirits :P had a digital medical ID bracelet I highly recommend. It saved me twice in emergency situations during my grand mals where my husband and/or children panicked and didn't know my medications/allergies. I was unable to remember or was lucid enough to give the info either. I highly recommend it. ;) Search it up on the website and once you get it, keep it current with your doctors and medications/allegeries.

I started wearing one when I went back to college. So that if anything happened they would know right away what it was and not waist there time trying to figure out what i took/did that made me pass out, like they do with most college students. I got an interchangable one at and it just says my name, my moms name and number as an emergency contact and that I have an avm and the location