Medical aid approved radiation


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My medical aid came through and they are paying for the full treatment. I will be getting the full treatment one shot but what is the effects afterwards?

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That’s fantastic! I’ll let others describe gamma knife to you. I’ve not had it. I think the immediate thing is some pain from the “halo” pins, often tiredness. But it’s a good thing.

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Great to hear Lisha! I had Gamma knife November 10th, 2016 which was after a bleed in May of 2016. The day of the procedure the pins were uncomfortable when the halo was mounted bur not bad with the local anesthetic. This is variable among different people as is so much with many things related to these things. They after effects depend on a variety of variables, location of AVM, size of AVM and related to the dose. I had some mild headaches daily for a while and after several months fairly consistent head aches that subsided. Swelling at about 6 months post procedure is not uncommon. For me the effects were minimal and have all but disappeared right now. I was back for an MRI at one year and go for a second in November around the two year mark.

A really general answer but will certainly get into any detail you wish. Take Care, John.


Hi Lisha,
I had gamma knife 2 months ago. It went really well on the day.
Since then I’ve had a sore head on and off which gets quite painful. Last week I had twitching in my face just by my chin for 90minures which they believe was a partial seizure which is quite sad as I had luckily never had any symptoms before hand. I’m going for a scan tomorrow to check everything’s OK. The doctors are brilliant and so good at looking after you afterwards if you are worried about any symptoms. Good luck., Gill.