Mayo clinic in Jacksonville

Hi does anyone have any experience with the mayo clinic in Jacksonville and more specifically with Dr Hannel? Thanks! Sorry for brain Avm

Hi Michele,

My family and I just moved back to Jax to be closer to the Mayo Clinic and with Dr. Hanel and Dr. Eidleman (Neurologist). I highly recommend them both. I have not had my surgery yet, but my family and I were very impressed. We went to Dr. Hanel for a second opinion (first was Emory Clinic in Atlanta). We immediately packed up our house and moved so I could be close to them for treatment or be close in case of an emergency. I have only heard wonderful things about him. He did his fellowship under Dr. Spetzler, in ARizona. Dr. Spetzler is world famous for doing these surgeries, and Dr. Hanel was taught by him. Awesome, I say! Are you in the Jax area? Feel free to message me for more details.

You may wish to message this member… She went to him.

This is my doctor also. Dr Hanel and Dr Peterson(radio-oncologist). Dr Hanel is a super doctor. Very knowledgeable.He has done 2 embolizations and reduced mine by 50%. He has recommended that I not have surgery to remove mine. It is a grade III. It is pretty much up to the doctor when it is a grade III. He was worried about doing permanent damage. I have 2 young children and he wanted me to be able to enjoy them growing up. That is why I am now seeing Dr Peterson for radiation treatment. Just had my second one 2 weeks ago. Hopefully the last. Now just the waiting game until February 2015. That is when they will do another angiogram to see if it is all gone.

Thanks guys! I just went to see Dr Hanel yesterday and I cannot say enough good things about Dr Hanel and the Mayo clinic itself. I feel very confident in him and we are going to schedule an angio after he gets my records from the other hospital. (I have had embolizations and radiosurgery at Shands in 2000) The mayo clinic itself feels like a little piece of heaven on earth. Everybody was soo nice and great customer service (they make you. Feel like you are the #1 priority)I am nervous about having another angio but excited/anxious to find outif there is anything more we can do. I just recently had a baby in April and have had soo much anxiety about having my AVM rupture.

Hi thanks for responding! How big is your AVM and where is it located? Are you planning on having the surgery? I am in the Deland area which is about 2 hours south of Jax. Do you know of any meetings or get togethers for people with AVMs in our area?

Thanks I just met him yesterday and already feel like I am in great hands! I know mine is a large AVM located very near my motor strip, but I guess we will find out more and the grade when we do the angio. I just had my 1st baby in April and have been very anxious about this. I don’t want anything to happen nor do I want to have any procedures that could possibly leave me with permanent damage also. He said he wants me to be able to enjoy my baby also! Do you live in Jax or the surrounding area?

We live in Coffee County, GA. Long drive to say the least but definantly worth it!