It looks like Mayme`s breast lump is going down. It is getting harder and harder to find, she still has a week until her doctors appointment so hopefully it will be all gone by then.

Mayme`s mom was taken into hospital on Wednesday complaining of severe pains in her back. They did a CT scan and some tests and found a baseball sized tumour near or in ( I am not sure ) her uterus. She came home yesterday while they gather the results of the other tests, then she will probably be going to Magee Hospital in Pittsburgh for a Hysterectomy.

Please add her to your prayer lists.

John, I am so happy Mayme’s lump is going down!! That is wonderful!! We are praying for you both and your mother in law too. Hugs all around! , liz

what great news to hear, i am just full of joy for you… fantastic.
think positive thought, i am.
mayme’s mum will be fine, help her stay positive, she is in control of her mind.
laughter all around xxxxx in my prayers as always

Thank you all for your prayers

So pleased about Mayme. Will be thinking happy thoughts for all of you, mother in law included!

Hi John,

The news about Mayme is wonderful, but I’m sorry to hear the news about her mother. Hope things go well for both.