Mayme` s Lumpectomy

Mayme goes in for her Lumpectomy tomorrow, so we are a little nervous around here, please keep her in your prayers.

I just got confirmation for my Angiogram. It will be on October 5th, still working my way up to full dose on the Lamictal I am now on 50 mg morning and evening for 5 days, then on to the next jump in dosage. So far it seems to working out ok, the leg twitches have subsided and only had the crawling scalp once since last wednesday. Sleeping better. This morning I got confused and flustered but think that had more to do with smacking my head on the corner of a drawer than anything, added another lump to my peanut head.

my prayers are with Mayme, she will be fine. it is ok to be nervous, it is only natural to feel like this in these times. it gives you strength.
great to hear your meds are helping.
maybe you should swap sides of the bed or move the drawer, peanut head lol.
(make sure you keep a diary of these feelings, making sure you mention the drawer incident. just to make sure)
you are both in my prayers, everynight.
stay strong and keep positive.
will check up on you and mayme tomorrow.

Hope everything goes well with Mayme tomorrow and am glad your medication seems to be working out.

Take care,


Will be thinking of you tomorrow John and Mayme.