Maybe doctors should listen to there patients? my avm story

ive had ms since 2001 dx by first neuro now first neuro moved way out of state and referred all patients to an ms specialist. so i go to him he does all the tests over again and decides you do have ms. ive been having eye pain which feels like a pressure like stabbing piercing at times so i go to a pain specialist. he orders a mri of cervical spine it found an avm near my brainstem to near c1. i am so mad at this new neuro for not doing anything for me. so this may be the cause of my eye pain that ive had for almost a year. my new neuro never ordered a cervical spine mri. so now i had to get my family doc to order a cta because he the neuro would not order it. some ms specialist huh? this thursday i go have my cta of my brain and neck. they are doing both because the avm is between my brain stem and c1. i guess you call that the cervicmedullary junction according to my mri report. what are prominent flow voids? it says they are seen later and dorsal to the cervicomedullary junction. i have been telling my new neuro about this pain since i seen him for the first time in december. he did not once order a cervical spine mri or seem interested in treating any problem i had. thank god my my pcp. the last mra i had done is when i had 4 seizures after the birth of my daughter 8 uears ago. and it showed something on the p3 segment of the right posterior cerebral artery. i dont know if these things are related to the one on my cervicomedullary junction. i was so out of it then i dont even remember them doing anything to me after the seizure.