May 10, 2009

We’ve just come back from taking Seyward out of the hospital on a pass. She just wanted to go to her apartment and play with her birds…so that is what we did. It was a little scary, but she got up her 17 steps to her apartment (had a rail) and back down 17 steps (without a rail using her cane). She can walk without her cane, but real shakey. Her fingers can move a little but only after 30 minutes of Lupe (occupational therapist) working on her arm. He does what he call a “superman” stand where she is on her stomach and she pushes striaght up with her arms and rocks…it seems that that gives her fingers the capability of moving a little. She still can’t use her computer to well or see well enough to concentrate on reading the site. I read to her a lot from here so she can hear what every one is saying on the site. I’m sure she’ll sign in herself and set up her own space as soon as she can.
Special note to Alicia…thank you so much for you kind words…I wish you were here to hug us too…both of us could sure use one and we are far away from our family here in Texas.
Well this coming week is a big week…we go visit her Nurologist on Monday at 1PM. We are encouraged with all the visits that were made this past week from army representatives. They say they are working hard to get her to Virginia. My husbands hopes are built up…however for me, I just am having a hard time to believe this is going to all work out…praying though that it will.
Seyward is experiencing leg pain and her shoulder almost dislocated. The shoulder is getting better, but the leg has right much pain. I told her that was a good thing…no pain, no gain.
Her tentative release date from Warm Springs Rehab is Thursday, the 14th. She was going to be released Wednesday, but supposedly the VA Hospital folks in Salem were out of town and not available to talk to and to sign papers. We wish she could stay there until June 1 and then be released to us so we can take her home. I’d like to get her to have all the therapy they can…out patient therapy to come, I guess. None-the-less, Bill and I have to leave Texas in June 1 to take care of business at home…been away 3 months now. We’ve a soon that’s been by himself and needs us there for a little while…so we are hoping it’ll all work out and we never will have to come back to Texas again. Thank you all for your prayers and I’m praying for everyone associated with this site. Take care…

WOW…all those stairs and no rail getting down that is fantastic…seyward is doing amazingly well…sounds like she really enjoyed the outing it would be great for her…things are sounding promising with the army release which is great…hope you all get home soon…that will take added pressure off for sure…best of luck with the neuro appointment…please let us know how it goes…great news about the hand moving that will only continue to improve to …still have you guys in my prayers of course xxxx

Seyward must have been so happy to get out of the hospital ofr a little while! Thirty-four steps…I’ll bet she sleeps like a baby tonight!

oh gosh. Reading that made me exhausted! For you and your husband AND for Seaward. What a battle this is for all. She sounds like such a fighter. You must be so proud of her.
Let us know what the neuro appt results are. I will be thinking of you and of her and hoping for good and hopeful news.